Sovereign Grace Church

A free Reformed Church of Jesus Christ



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Our Church History:

Sovereign Grace Church started in April of 2000 when several family heads signed our church covenant and initiated worship services. Our desire from the first was to be a Reformed church, holding to the Three Forms of Unity and to pursue the application of Godís Word to all of life. We decided to take our time in discerning a denomination with which to associate. We self-consciously chose to not seek incorporation with the State of Iowa and thus retain our standing as a ďfreeĒ church under the Headship of our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ.

Our first meeting place was in the old CRC church building in Ackley, Iowa. Over those first years we acquired more members from further west and north and eventually began exploring other possible locations. We met in community buildings and the home of our pastor before finally settling in Coulter, Iowa. We met in Coulter for several years before acquiring the use of the facilities of a Presbyterian Church in Dows, Iowa where we remain today.

Over the years our membership has fluctuated because of changes in location and other issues but has roughly stayed at about ten families, sometimes more & sometimes less. Our membership represents a rather extended geographical area and some of our members drive some distance to attend services. We have striven to entertain various theological and sometimes controversial issues as a church and seek consensus before implementing any changes to our received tradition. We are post-millennial in eschatology and theonomic in our understanding of Godís Law. We celebrate Communion every Sunday and allow our covenant children to participate as supervised by their parents and ultimately by the church Council. This is followed by a pot-luck dinner. Folks are encouraged to hang around and discuss the issues of the day after the meal and to leave at their leisure. Most of our families home school or utilize area Christian schools.

Our history has had its ups and downs, problems and celebrations. We have learned much and do not seek to measure our success by outward circumstances. We seek only to honor and exalt the Name of Christ and prepare disciples in the pursuit of His Kingdom. Our being used by Him is our only desire and our greatest honor. Our days and future prospects are His business, which is where we seek to leave them.