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Our Pastor 
Doug Holmes

Background of Pastor Doug Holmes:

Pastor Holmes grew up in the Rowan/Dows area graduating from Dows High School in 1967. After spending some time in the Marines (serving in Vietnam in a mortar unit during 1968) and becoming a Christian in 1972 he entered studies at Biola College (presently Biola University) and graduated with a degree in Bible in 1976. Four years later he graduated with an MDiv in theology from Talbot Theological Seminary. Not yet knowing whether the Lord was leading him into church or academic work he continued his graduate work at Claremont Graduate School and the University of Iowa, graduating with an MA in philosophy in 1986. In 1990 he married Carla Verastegui from Cusco, Peru and over the years they (mainly Carla) have had six children ranging in age from 18 – 3 year. He entered the ministry in 1991 being ordained by the Presbyterian Church in America and entering a call to service at the First Congregational Church in Keokuk, Iowa. A couple of years later he took a call to 2nd Christian Reformed Church of Wellsburg (presently the United Reformed Church of Wellsburg). In 2000, with several families, Pastor Holmes helped begin an independent Reformed church in the Hardin/Franklin/ Wright County area. Pastor Holmes has held various p/t jobs to help make ends meet. He is also pursuing studies in paralegal work as well as biblical, theological and related areas. His wife Carla works p/t as a Spanish interpreter for hospitals in Hampton and Mason City. She has also served as a court interpreter. They all presently live on his Great Aunt and Uncle’s farm (Bill and Lillian Coburn) one mile south of Coulter.