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Pastor Remarks:


Is it possible for a Christian to accept Christ as Savior but to ignore Him as Lord? Many Christians do seem to believe this. However I think there are two basic problems with this belief. The first is that to accept Christ as Savior but to reject Him as Lord is to divide Christ and make Him a caricature of Himself. It would be like accepting Christ as God but rejecting Him as man! Such a belief is to reject Jesus as the God-man which is the clear teaching of Scripture. When one accepts Jesus as Savior His Lordship goes along with it.


A second problem is that the basic appeal of the good news is to repent of our sins and to follow Christ as His life-long disciple. A disciple is a learner and a learner requires a teacher. Christ is our teacher because He is our Lord. Such was supremely clear in the biblical testimonies of the original disciples of Christ. Our lives as Christians are to be devoted to acquiring the mind of Christ in all of our lives....not just during church or our daily “quiet times.” This is impossible without recognizing Him as Lord.


The New Covenant gives us the incentive and power to pursue these matters. The Old Covenant laid out the requirements but did not convey the power for loving compliance. This is what is accomplished through the person and work of Christ as administrator of the New Covenant. We Christians are privileged not just because our sins have been forgiven, but because the Holy Spirit resides within and has joined us in our internal fight against our self-pride and arrogant dispositions and unto the mind of Christ Himself. We then confront a lost world with a power which radiates from an inner character in the process of changing from selfish rebellion to loving compliance to Jesus. This company with the proclaimed Word of God....renders a fallen world helpless in its battle against God and His Christ. But this is all moot unless we clearly recognize that our Savior is also our Lord!


Pastor Holmes

Pastor, SGC