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March 1, 2020
“Herod and Jesus”

Jesus’ feeding of the 5000 is one of the better known stories from the New Testament. It is the only
miracle apart from the resurrection that is recorded in all four Gospels. It is the story of Jesus
multiplying food enough for 12 in order to make it serve many many more. It is a clear
demonstration of the power of God in serving whatever purpose He chooses with whatever happens
to be available. The overall context for this meal is Jesus’ invitation and demonstration of what life
is like when lived in His Kingdom.
Although not often considered, the preceding account of Herod and his birthday celebration provide
a rather stark contrast between life lived under our own authority and power in contrast with that of
a life lived under Christ’s authority and power. We will consider this contrast during this morning’s
message. It is a contrast between two meals.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

How might the account of Herod and his birthday celebration be changed if he were living
in Christ’s Kingdom instead of his own? Think of how the various people in the story
might have reacted differently? Would anyone have acted the same? Who?

February 23, 2020
“Barriers to Belief”

This morning we come to the end of Matthew 13 which has been chiefly on the parables Jesus used to describe His Kingdom & explain the opposition to it. He closes the chapter with another description of the opposition to Jesus’ teaching, in particular the opposition of those who had been with Him as He grew up.
Those who are most familiar with us have had experiences of us that have solidified into set
dispositions, either favorable or not. In Jesus’ case these are people who had observed Him grow into manhood. It seems He was easy enough to get along with so long as He remained in what they had perceived as His calling to be a carpenter’s son. But when He began teaching on issues far
beyond the range of a carpenter’s expected knowledge, and to do things far beyond building
elaborate cabinets, He ran afoul of the expectations of His fellows. Thus, most of them did not
respond in belief and even began to see Him as either an embarrassment or possibly even a threat.
This morning we will look at this, along with a few other examples of what might be called barriers
to belief.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

How does faith or belief relate to knowledge? What does one mean by a “leap of faith”? Is
a “leap of faith” ever justified? Can you give an example? How much of a “leap” did Peter
make when he stepped out of the boat?

February 16, 2020

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February 2, 2020
“Two Parables and a Prophecy”
January 26, 2020
“Good and Bad Seed”

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January 12, 2020
“Which Soil Are You?”
January 5, 2020