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To Fear or Not to Fear

Fear seems to be governing many people these days. This has probably always been the case but it
seems more evident now. Whether it is fear of that tiny little Coronavirus19 or fear of a Panpanic
that could issue in an irreversible course to full-blown socialism, FEAR is the order of the day!
But why the fear in either case. I submit that we are afraid because our horizons are limited to what we
can see and what we think we can manage. But for followers of Christ this has never been the case. We
are not limited to our finite horizons but have recourse to a sovereign God who loves us! To follow
Him is to entrust to Him not only the forgiveness of our sins but our LIVES as well! To be alive in His
kingdom is to be as alive as Adam was before his decision to take matters into his own hands. It is to be
alive UNDER God and thus to be truly free to live life to the fullest. The base for our worry is gone.
Does that mean we do not fight against this viral varmint or against the governments over-reach in their
effort to “love” us and o keep us safe because they are trying to do what only God can do? Of course
not, we give it our best efforts but we don’t trust our best efforts! We trust the God to whom we belong!
The Psalmist says, “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (and we WILL so
walk), I will fear no evil”….why?.. “because Thou (Jesus) art with me!” Who is Jesus? He is God who
became a man and lived a life of real temptation and suffering…just like all of us…but taught and
preached about a different sort of Kingdom…a Kingdom where God’s (not ours) effective will is being
done…where love triumphs over hate; blessing over vengeance; justice over injustice; a Kingdom
empowered not by our flesh but by His Spirit (see Matt. 5-7). It is a Kingdom whose effectiveness He
demonstrated by dying and then returning to life in glory! It is a Kingdom where our sins are forgiven
and God is working, and we are enabled to join Him in that work. It is a kingdom without fear, hate or
worry, but it is a Kingdom you must choose to enter. The only barrier is your own desires! It is either
your kingdom or His! How has your kingdom worked out for you so far?
Someone much more important than me once said that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
He had a point, the panic fear engenders can be worse than the object of the fear! There are genuine
reasons to fear! But if JESUS has your back….well, those reasons just seem to evaporate.
There is a line in an old western where someone gives this sage advice when it comes to our troubles
and worries, “Drink deep and ride hard, and don’t look over the horizon. That’s the Lord’s business.” I
like the line but it doesn’t seem adequate. We don’t have to look over the horizon because the Lord of
the horizon is drinking deep and riding hard right beside us! Our only concern is that we are letting
Him take the lead and riding in His direction & in His power! His horses don’t tire, His direction is true
and the destination is guaranteed….regardless of the opposition!

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